Why Aphra

Why Aphra?

A healthy body is key to a healthy mind. And when our bodies are functioning, we feel great mentally, emotionally & physically. We can think clearly, we have an abundance of energy, our mindset is improved, and, therefore, we can communicate with our surroundings with positive enthusiasm. Hence, the balance of pure and quality food in our day-to-day life is vital as it helps every individual attain:

  • Good Persona (Vyāktimatva)
  • Strength, Capability, Courage (Sāmarthya)
  • Being Gentle (Mādhur).

The purity of Aphra’s products is a key to your healthy soul. The inclusion & intakes of Aphra’s dairy variants in your daily diet will give you pure health. Right intake of Aphra food products will further influence your mind, intelligence and physical body that results in experiencing better human life and happiness.

More reasons to choose Aphra:

  • Wide Range of genuine and certified quality products
  • Quality maintenance at Cow Gaushala for A2 Milk
  • No Preservatives and adulterants
  • A2 Pure Cow Milk as pure as it intended to be
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Nature’s Love straight from the farm
  • Freshness you can Trust
  • Fastest growing distribution chain

Where does our A2 Cow Milk comes from?

We nurture our passion for producing fresh, nutritious, and wholesome dairy products that have already become the preferred choice for many. For this we have collaborated with farm located in the lush greenery of Karjat, Raigad district called ‘Govidyapeetham’ and other nearby farms serving Pure A2 Cow Milk. Right from the feed to milking, processing, transportation and our end-to-end cold-chain distribution at these farms has helped us reach international standards in terms of quality of the milk and the cow’s health.

Our Process

Aphra Process

We ensure that we keep a close eye on everything, the entire process is governed by us, and we give no allowance for malpractices or milk tampering to take place, at any stage. All we want is for you to taste the goodness of milk, just as nature intended it to be.

At the onset, Aphra have put every process and measure in place to ensure our products are true to nature. No harmful chemicals, no hormones, and no anti biotics. Our milk is as safe and natural as it should be to give our customers faith and good health.

At Karjat, we have set up our own processing units and quality testing laboratory for the pasteurisation, filling, sealing and distribution.