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In India, the summer season feels incomplete without Mangoes – both complement one another. All of us have fond memories of enjoying mangoes during summer. In fact, as the ‘King of All Fruits’, Mango can easily replace every other snack item throughout the span. Every household variously consumes Mangoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and during the in-betweens. 

 For such a love of Mangoes, Aphra brings you Alphonso Mangoes, which are naturally ripened and carbide free!

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2 reviews for Aphra Mangoes

  1. Prasad Borkar

    गेल्या आठवड्यात राजेश धुरू, दादर ह्यांनी आंब्याची पेटी आणून दिली होती… आज काही आंबे पिकायला लागले… तसा आज आम्ही एक पिकलेला आंबा खाल्ला… अहाहा… अप्रतिम आंबा… प्युअर रत्नागिरी हापुस … अप्रतिम गोडवा…. 🙏

  2. sarvesh

    very nice mangoes

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