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Aphra Mango Pulp


Uses of Mango Pulp 

  • Mango pulp is widely used in preparing juices, drinks & nectars.
  • It is used as a base in various jams & marmalades.
  • It can be used as it is i.e. (Aamras) which goes very well with puris.
  • Used to make delicious milkshakes which can be prepared in a jiffy.
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Health benefits of Mango Pulp

  • Mango has high iron content, so pregnant women & people suffering from anaemia are advised to consume it regularly.
  • It combats acidity & improves digestion.
  • Mango is a rich source of Vitamin A & Vitamin E, which helps the hormonal system function efficiently.
  • Selenium is also present in mangoes which protect against heart disease.

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Mango pulp is not only known for its peculiar taste and smell, but it also contains good nutrients.

The juiciness of the pulp depends on the species, variety, season, and even the tree on which it grew. Mango Pulp is prepared from selected types of Fresh Mango Fruits.

We at Aphra have opted to make Mango pulp from Alphonso Mangoes. Fully matured Mangoes are harvested, inspected, and washed. Mango pulp is processed from good ripe Alphonso variety mangos, which are peeled, de-seeded, and run through a screen to retain the characteristic flavor and color of the whole fruit. The pulp is pasteurized to increase its shelf life. Fruit puree includes all the juice and a large proportion of the fibrous matter of the raw fruit.

The mango pulp is so sweet in taste that no sugar is added. 850 grams of the delicious pulp is then vacuum packed in Tin containers with a shelf life of two years.


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